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We are all guilty of spending so much time obsessing about money. However your most valuable resource is not your money, it is your time. We want to help you use your time as wisely and as productively as possible. For us at Northbridge, that means making sure your financial foundation is strong and that you are on the right path.

We have all certain responsibilities in life. We need to spend a part of our life in education and a large part of our life working to support ourselves and our families. However it is during our working years when we can lose track. We become institutionalised as days, weeks and years become indistinguishable from each other. We risk losing sight of the bigger picture.

I have seen this first hand when my father got ill. He was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer that killed him within 10 months. He had always been incredibly healthy. In all the time that I knew him, I can only remember him taking one day off work because he was sick. He was a self-employed accountant who was always extremely busy. Time off was limited to a couple of weeks in Donegal. There was more besides work that he wanted to do.

He would tell me that he would get around to doing these things when work settled down and he had more free time. Unfortunately for him, he never got a chance. He was too busy putting out fires today to ever step back and really consider how his time was being spent and if a different course could be navigated.

Even if you have just retired you may be struggling to keep on top of everything. There is a fear of running short of money in your later years when you are at your most vulnerable. At Northbridge we’re looking ahead at what your future is going to look like and we will teach you and show you how to get there.

What we do here at Northbridge is incredibly important. We are fighting the good fight. We want you to enjoy your time and spend it on the hobbies that you are passionate about. With your personal finances taken care of, you also get the opportunity to focus your attention on being a productive member of society and positively influence the lives of others. Whether it is mentoring or charity work, you could get the chance to share your hard won knowledge and experiences.

The bottom line is we want our clients to have easier and less stressful lives.

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