Our Process

① Discovery Meeting

  • Before any advice is given, we will listen to you.
  • We will take time to understand your unique needs.
  • We will learn about your goals and what worries, barriers or uncertainties are holding you back.

② Financial Planning Meeting

  • Based on the goals discussion, we will conduct an in depth analysis of your cash flow needs.
  • We will explore preliminary strategies and build a financial plan for you.
  • Together we will take ownership of the plan and commit to making it happen.

③ Investment Planning Meeting

  • We will present your investment plan which will be based on your financial plan and on an analysis of your risk tolerance.
  • We will give an explanation of our core investment beliefs.
  • We will ensure that all contingency plans in place are fit for purpose.

④ Advanced Planning Meeting

  • We will ensure that issues such as account openings, money transfers etc are running smoothly.
  • We will evaluate your need for estate planning services.
  • We will work with your advisers or if appropriate, we will bring in our own subject matter experts.

⑤ Annual Forward Planning Meeting

  • We ensure that everything is on track and all parties are held accountable for their tasks as you are one year closer to achieving your goals.
  • We will incorporate any changes in your personal circumstances into your plan.
  • We will evaluate the impact of any regulatory, legal or tax changes on your plan.

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