Second Opinion Service

Are you confident that you have the financial foundation in place that will give you the best chance of reaching your desired lifestyle both today and in the future?

If the answer to this question is not an emphatic “Yes”, then you will benefit from our second opinion review service. If everything is in order, we will say so and happily send you on your way.

But if there are some tweaks and adjustments that would improve your financial affairs, we will highlight them to you. We may also refer you to another adviser if we are not the appropriate firm to execute these changes.

We conduct this second opinion review service at our own expense, meaning that there is no cost to you. However please do not underestimate the value that you will receive.

  • We will provide you with a high level financial forecast. We will determine if you are on track to meet your future objectives.
  • We will assess your current portfolio and provide ideas on how this can be better matched to your unique circumstances.
  • We will analyse the cost structure of your current financial holdings.
  • We will analyse the asset allocation to ensure that you are getting the returns for the risks you are taking.

So consider this. If you were struck down by illness, you would in all likelihood seek the best medical attention. Your personal finances should be no different.

You want to make informed decisions about your future. You have nothing to risk and everything to gain by availing of this service.

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